Top 5 Best Pin Nailer And Buying Guide (In 2020)

For larger projects, we can easily go for a nail gun as it is the only way to join large chunks of woods. But when it comes to attaching smaller and thinner wood sheets together, we often dangle around glue and pin.

But if you really want the joint to be strong and sturdy, using a pin nailer is the only smart choice you have. If you have the best pin nailer with you, joining sheets with strong bonding can never get better and easier!

In this piece, we are going to review some of the most promising nailers, including the Grex P635 on the top that you can use effortlessly for the best result. Read till the end to find out how to make your wood-crafting even more long-lasting! 

Our Top Five Pin Nailer Reviews

It’s really hard to make a list of the best nailers for any wood-craft project. When you have tons of options in the market, it’s a tough job to filter out the over-hyped devices. We still did our best to list 5 of the most functioning tools for your convenience. Check out the reviews for details.

1. Grex P635

Topping our list, we have the Grex P635 23-gauge nailer. It’s a perfect tool for any user - be it a professional or a DIY enthusiast. Its lightweight design makes it an ideal tool for nail-working.

It homes pretty long pins inside that measurers from 1 to ⅜ inches. This makes sure that you can nail in different sizes of wood sheets almost effortlessly. Plus, the attachment will be pretty strong and durable.

As you can insert different sizes of nails in it, it’s obvious that you may need to adjust the magazine for these pins. But the surprising fact is that the magazine is optimized to adjust for different pin types itself.

That means the magazine will adjust to the size of the pin automatically. You won’t need to manually change the setting of it to match the pin size.

Being just only above 2 pounds, the tool is quite a lightweight machine for you to handle. It doesn’t cause any fatigue in your hand, and you can easily hold it for hours without any discomfort in your arms.

The gun comes with a narrow nose, and that’s a perk for you if you’re working on hard-to-reach areas. Its slim nose let the device to shoot pin in tighter space without any issues.

What’s more exciting is that the firing doesn’t leave any trace afterward. If you’re looking for a clean nailing job, this is the tool for you!

  • Powerful motor allows top-class shooting performance.
  • Double-trigger safety prevents any accidental firing.
  • Lightweight device allows fatigue-free operation.
  • The firing doesn’t leave any trace.
  • Narrow nose to reach tight areas.
  • The storage case doesn’t allow to store pins.

2. Fasco 11297F F23C

Another champ on our list is the Fasco 11297F F23C. Although it’s a bit heavier than the Grex P635, it’s still pretty handy, we must say.

That’s because the device is ergonomically designed to be held by one hand. It doesn’t cause your hand any stiffness and makes it extremely easy to fire nails with it for hours. Thanks to its rubbery handle, it’s actually pretty comfortable to hold.

The rubber-grip is also quite useful for gripping it. What happens when you’re working with a power tool is it causes vibrations that may cause the tool to slip off your hand. But with the smooth rubbery grip on place, it’s not going to fall off!

In case of nail compatibility, the Fasco 11297F outplays the Grex P635. It can easily hold ½-inch to 2-inch nails easily. What’s more exciting is that you don’t need to manually adjust the magazine to match the nail size.

Because the magazine can automatically adjust the nail lengths with it, that saves you a lot of time, for sure!

A big problem while working with a nail-firing power tool is the blind/dry firing. When you don’t load any nails inside, it can dry fire once in a while. To prevent this issue and save the device from any malfunctioning, the Fasco 11297F comes with a lock-out feature.

  • Universal nail gun allows 23-gauge pins to load.
  • Lock-out feature to prevent dry fire.
  • Automatically adjusts different sizes of nails.
  • Pin capacity ranges widely from half-inch to 2-inch nails.
  • Rubbery grip for a comfortable grip.
  • A bit on the heavier side.

3. BOSTITCH Pin Nailer 23 Gauge

When you’re talking about the best pin nailer, it’s hard to ignore the Bostitch tools. And when it comes to the 23-gauge pin nailer from their house, it’s truly a one-of-a-kind power tool that you may want to have a hands-on experience with.

From half-inch nails to 1-3/16-inches pins - the Bostitch pin nailer can hold versatile nail-sizes in it. That means only one thing - you can use it for multipurpose projects. No matter how narrow the nailing place is or how deep you need to insert the nail, the Bostitch nailer is here for your help.

Operating between 70 to 120 PSI, the nailer means business. Even if you need high pressure when you’re firing the nail, the device is capable of serving you the optimum pressure requirement.

With great power comes great vibration. That’s why the gun comes with a slip-free double-molded grip. It makes sure that you don’t slip the device when you’re firing nails with it.

Having a low-profile nosepiece means you can nail into any corner of the project. It will slip through the narrowest of places and give you a clear sight o where you’re shooting the nails. It gets way easier to work with smaller objects if you are using this gun.

In case you don’t get distracted with the air blown out of the device, the gun has an air exhaust that blows the air out of your face.

  • Durable aluminum housing.
  • Operates between 70 to 120 PSI.
  • Over-molded slip-free grip.
  • Narrow nosepiece to have a clear vision while nailing.
  • Rear exhaust to bypass hot air.
  • Doesn’t have any dry-fire protection.

4. Hitachi NP35A Pin Nailer

Pin nailers have just got smarter. Introducing, the Hitachi NP35A - what we call the smart pin nailer. Why? Let’s find out.

First of all, the device can automatically adjust to the length of the nail you put into it. It can work with nails from sizes of 5/8 inches, 3/4 inches, 1 inch, 1 3/16 inches, and 1 3/8 inches. According to the nail size, the magazine will sync with it without any manual intervention.

Don’t want to dry fire? Well, this device will let you know if you are under threat of dry firing. When the nails are going to fall short, it will blink a light to indicate that you need to reload now. It will save you from firing dry.

It comes with a functional depth adjustment option that allows you to alter the firing depth according to the surface. Not all surfaces need the same depth for nail-firing. Depending on the fragility and thickness, the device can alter the depth of nails being fired.

To keep the working area clean, the gun has a rear exhaust that can bypass the oil and debris away from the working space. It saves your face and keeps the working zone neat, as well.

  • Dual trigger for safe placement of fasteners.
  • Rear exhaust keeps the working space clean.
  • Depth adjustment for nails.
  • Magazine automatically adjusts nail lengths.
  • Indicator to prevent dry-fire.
  • Doesn’t have a tool-less release option for jams.


And finally, we wrap our reviews up with the Porter-Cable Pin100 nailer gun. This is one of the masterpiece devices Porter-Cable came up with in recent times.

The gun can hold half-inch to 1-inch nails pretty easily, and its dual-trigger function makes it pretty straightforward to fire. Again, its automatic adjustment system to nail-length is a plus for using different types of nails.

It comes with a very convenient bottom-load magazine that makes it pretty easy to load nails. You can house as many as 170 micro pins in the device quite effortlessly.

The best part of the device is the grip on the handle. It is completely rubber-molded to give you a comfortable, fatigue-free experience. Holding the gun and firing with it has never been more comfortable!

One of the perks of having this gun with you is the low-rail reload indicator. The gun will notify you that you need to reload ASAP as it will run out of nails pretty soon. It saves the device from dry firing and causing damage to the internal setup.

  • Allows half to 1-inch nails.
  • Automatic nail-length adjustment system.
  • Bottom-loading magazine allows comfortable loading.
  • Reload indicator for preventing dry fire.
  • Rubber-molder comfortable grip.
  • Double-trigger safety will take some time to get used to.

What to Look for buying the Best Pin Nailer

So, you’re up to finding the best pin nailer for your project, right? We hope our reviews have given you a good idea of what nailers you need to look out for. But before you select one, keep these facts in mind.

Ergonomic Design

Using such a strong gun will definitely feel heavy on your hands if it’s not ergonomically designed. Make sure it’s compact and goes easy on your hands when you’re firing with it. Ergonomically designed guns will put less pressure on your hands and cause no fatigue even after long-term use.

Automatic Length Adjustment

The magazine needs to come with an automatic length adjustment system. It will adjust the pin size accordingly without any manual effort. It will open up its loading capacity depending on the size of the nail you’re loading.

Anti-Dry Fire System

Dry firing can cause damage to the internal organs of your device. The gun needs to have a lock-out system that will prevent the gun from dry firing. You may also want to look for a low-nail indicator that will indicate you to load pins before it runs out.

Narrow Nose Fire

The narrower the nose of the gun, the easier it is to reach tighter places. If you’re trying to fire nails in the corners that are hard to reach, it will be easier for you to use a narrow-nose gun. It will give you enough room to see if you’re firing right and allow you to reach the bottom without any issues.

Rubber Grip

While firing with a nail gun, you’re going to experience a lot of vibration on the device. To make sure you don’t slip off the gun from your hand, a nice and tight grip is necessary. Find the device with a rubbery-grip on it so that it doesn’t fall off while you’re firing nails at a stretch.


How much pressure do you need to operate a pin nailer?

Usually, you need pressure from 70 to 120 PSI for operating such a tool. But most of the guns can operate with an average of 85 PSi.

What size of pins do I need to load in the pin nailer?

Any nails measuring from ⅝-inch to 1-⅜-inch will do great with the pin nailer.

What type of pin does the pin nailer fire?

A pin nailer is designed to shoot 23-gauge headless pins/nails.

Why do I need a pin nailer?

Pin nailer works great on a weak wooden sheet without damaging the construction. Such surfaces don’t withstand powerful nail guns.

What is the difference between a pin nailer and a brad nailer?

The actual difference between these two types of nailers is that the brad one comes with multiple trigger options, while the pin nailer commonly comes with a double-trigger setup.


Final Words

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert professional or a DIY enthusiast who is looking for the best pin nailer for his/her project. Our in-depth reviews will most likely help you find out your match for every type of woodworking. If you’re still confused about which one to choose from the mentioned ones, try following our buying guide to reach a conclusion. It will obviously help you land on the right page.

Happy crafting!